1. Contact Details.  The lists of Team Managers / Captains and Coaches with email contact details are at: Team Management 201819

You can also find names and contact details of all Committee members, Team Managers and Coaches here: Meet the Committee

2. Selection and Conduct.  Team Managers should be familiar with the Club Code and its  Selection and Conduct policies.  You can find these at:

Club Code

Selection and Conduct

3. Pre-Season Tasks – Squad Selection and Use of TBBHC Website.  As a Team Manager, you have special access permissions for the website which allow you to select a training squad on the TBBHC website – details of how to do this are contained within the Clubbuzz Website Guide which shows you how to assign players to your Squad for the season (p 4) and how to schedule your team’s fixtures, make selections, file match records and reports, and communicate to your team members (see p14 – 19).  

4. Weekly Tasks – Team Selection and Notification.  Each week, you should select and notify your Matchday Squad using the website – why not use this Team Selection Guide produced by Sophie Field with screenshots to show you how to do Match Selections.  Please ensure that you communicate early and positively with the players you are either moving up or moving down a team, and explain why and what they need to do to improve if thats the case.

5. Match Guidance.  Ensure you greet the umpires and the opposition captain / manager and ensure they know where post match hospitality is to be held.  Ensure you have a match ball and that you remember to pick it up after the match (perhaps ask the umpires to help with this).  Remember that matches need to start within no later than 15 minutes of the advertised 90 minute match window.

6. First Aid and Safety.  Player and spectator safety is paramount – hockey can be a dangerous sport.  Team Managers should ensure that they have a full First Aid Kit for home and away matches, which can be order via the Director of Hockey.  Any additional assistance must be obtained from the STV Reception (phone number below) who will also be able to provide direct ambulance access to the pitch should it be required.  The STV Reception also holds the nearest defibrillator.  Particular care should be taken with blunt force trauma injuries (stick / ball) to the head and neck area and medical advice always sought.  Further details are contained here on Player Safety

7. Bad Weather Procedure.  This is contained here: Bad Weather Procedure 2018-19 and it is important that it is followed. 

8. Post Match Guidance.

Mens Gocrea8 League.  

a. Match Cards – for Home matches captains must file a match card to [email protected] by close of play 48 hours after the match ie. Monday night (NEW TIME).  

All squad numbers must be filled in for your team and the opposition and the umpires name and EH / WHUA number MUST be included – you can get this from Nick Kendall the Club’s Umpire Secretary.  The good news is that umpire signatures are not essential.  Failure to complete any of these details will lead to a £10 fine to the Club and, if a card is not filed at all, then a 1 point deduction to the Team.  For Away games, we may also be fined if we dont fill in our squad numbers on the opposition’s match card.  We recommend that you add all your squad’s shirt numbers to your Squad on the website to help you with this and also fill in your match cards electronically in advance of the match.

Match Cards can be found at:

Matchcard – Pdf Format

Matchcard – Word Format – we suggest you use this format and fill out your squad, umpire names / number in advance.

Full guidance can be found in the League Matchcard Guide.

b. Reporting Results – remember for HOME and AWAY matches, you need to report your match result before 8pm (new time in 2016/17 season).  Go to the front page of the Gocrea8 League website, select Club Administration and enter the password (available from the Director of Hockey).  A £10 fine will be applied where we fail to do this. 

c.  Match Reports.  Please complete the match report on the website, including goals scorers and any changes to the squad etc so we know who played.  Please note that the Club awards Top Goalscorer trophies to the players with the most goals according to the website so please make sure you use the website for match selections and file your match reports on the website!  The match report is also important because it is used by the Bath Chronicle for the mid week sports reports.

9. Lime Tree Hospitality.  The process for post match hospitality is as follows:

  • Nick Kendall emails Hospitality each Monday with match details for the coming weekend and copy relevant Managers & Ladies Fixture Sec (this will only apply to junior matches that we have agreed to supply food).
  • Nick will keep them updated with any changes during the week.  Matches cancelled at short notice(eg weather) – please inform Lime Tree using numbers in the Bad Weather Procedure (see above).
  • Tables will be reserved only at very busy times but space should not be an issue.  Food will be served from one of the three outlets and this will vary from week to week.
  • Home Capts/Managers should establish from the opposition/home team how many for food (only players & officials), then ask as the till for that number of vouchers to be handed out.
  • Any spare that might occur are to be returned – it’s important that “freebies” are not handed out as budget tight. The Club will be invoiced on number of tokens used.
  • Dont forget to ask the umpires back to the Lime Tree after the game and ensure that they are first to get their meal and that people talk to them. We want to give a good impression of the Club and it may also pay dividends in the future!

10. Umpires Assessment of Club – Mens Premiership and Championship.  Mens sides in the Premiership and Championship are assessed by the umpires for their hospitality and welcome.  It is the responsibility of the Team Captain and Manager to ensure that the Club fulfills its obligations to the umpires in the lead up to the match, before during and after it.  They are to appoint an Umpire contact to assist in this role whose name is to be passed to the Director of Hockey.  Full guidance on expectations are at the link below.  TBBHC places great importance on ensuring that our umpires are welcomed, respected and looked after.

Advice to Clubs – Umpires

Umpire Contact Sheet

Role of Umpire Contact

Assessment criteria for Clubs

11. Club Assessment of Umpires – Mens and Ladies Premier League Matches only.  For these matches, Captains must assess the umpires.  Go to the West Hockey Umpires website (see link at Umpires para below), go to the Club Administration page and then log in to Team Bath Buccaneers and complete the assessment.  Password available from Nick Kendall.  The scoring scale for umpires is here for ease of reference:  Umpire Scoring System

12.  Mileage Claims – all Teams.  Team Managers are responsible for ensuring that transport to matches is undertaken through the minimum number of cars necessary and for coordinating mileage claims for the drivers.  Team mileage claimes should be submitted at the half season break and at the end of the season and should take the following format:

Date, Driver names, Destination, Driver Bank A/C and S/C

13. Junior Academy Managers.  All Junior Academy Managers and Coaches must be CRB checked by the Club’s Welfare Officer.  Detailed information on ‘Safeguarding Children’ is at Safeguarding Children.  Please ensure that you follow all the instructions and report any incidents or concerns to the Club Welfare Officer.  Safeguarding Courses are also available, subsidized by the Club, details from the Junior Academy Director.  

14. Other Guidance.  Team Managers Guidance is contained at the links below. Over time, we will merge the Guides into one for all sections of the Club. 

M1s Matchday Actions

TBB Managers Guide    

Mens Managers Guide

Ladies Managers

15. League Rules and Handbook.  Team Managers should be familiar with the League rules and should ensure on behalf of the Club that their Team does not breach them.  The League rules for the West and South West England Hockey League (WSWHL) can be found at: WSWHL Rules.  You can find the WSWHL Handbook at: WSWHL Handbook and all information about the West Clubs Womens Hockey League can be found here: West Clubs Womens HL

16. Umpires.  When contacting League appointed umpires, you will need to use the following links to the relevant Umpires Association:



17. Contacts.  Please store the following numbers in your mobile phones:

  •     STV Duty Manager Office (01225 384418)
  •     STV Reception (01225 384454)
  •     Lime Tree management: 01225 383496 / Bar: 01225 384038