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Summary of Key Information

1.  New registrants – click the ‘Join Bath Buccaneers’ panel on the front page of the website and follow the instructions.  Remember to indicate what category of membership you wish to take up in the free text – if you dont do this, the default setting is Full Membership for those selecting ‘Hockey’ and Junior Academy Membership for those selecting ‘Junior Hockey’.  Those wishing to select U18 Membership should indicate which of the 2 categories they wish to take up (Full or Half) and select both ‘Hockey’ and ‘Junior Hockey’.  

2.  Members wishing to re-register – each year on 25 July an email will automatically go out to all members giving them the option to re-register for the new season or de-register.  Follow the instructions, noting that the system will allocate you to the same membership category as the last season unless you contact your Membership Secretary.

3.  Payment.  Detailed payment options are given below.  Our preference is for you to set up a GoCardless monthly standing order for all Membership options except Junior Academy and Training & Social Membership which are paid as a single payment.  Full details are shown below while the easiest way to make a one-off payment is to click on this link: Make a Payment 

Step 1 – Website Registration / Annual Re-Registration

First Registration.  Click on the ‘Join Us’ button on the homepage of the website (www.teambathbuccaneers.co.uk).  Enter your name and email address, what sport you wish to play (this should be ‘Hockey’ for everyone except for juniors joining the Junior Academy who should select ‘Junior Hockey.  U18 Membership should select both categories). Once approved you will receive an email invitation to complete registration.  You will also be asked to set up a username and password.

Click on the email link to complete registration, noting your contact details, filling in all the custom fields including your coaching and umpiring qualifications and completing the contact and medical details form.  Also read and accept the Club’s Terms and Conditions of joining.  

When logged into the website, please also go to Edit Biography and fill in the details and also go to Edit Profile and add a Photograph – its important we know who you are and what you look like!  Preferably, please add a head and  chest shot with you wearing Club colours – check the 1st XI headshots to get the idea.

In addition, it is essential that you state in the ‘preferred membership’ field which membership option you wish to take up, otherwise your membership will default to Full Senior Membership for over 18s and Junior Academy Membership for U18s. Its particularly important for Students to make clear that they are Student members.  A full list of membership options available is at: Membership Options

Annual Re-registration.  Each year on 25 July an email is sent out to all members asking them if they wish to renew their membership for the new season.  You click one link to de-register and another to re-register.  Should you re-register, the system will automatically renew you as the same Membership category as the previous season so if this is not the category you want, then you will need to contact the relevant Mens, Ladies or Junior Membership Secretary – you need to do this by NLT 25 September annually. Please also ensure that you update your ‘Preferred Membership Category’ to reflect what membership category you wish to be – you can find this under My profile / Edit Member / Additional Information.

Step 2 – Membership Options

Once registered, the Membership Secretary will allocate you to the membership option you have selected within the following 5 days. If you have any questions or concers about this, please contact:

  • Men’s Membership Secretary:  Marty Pellow [email protected]
  • Ladies Membership Secretary: Nick Willson [email protected]
  • Junior Academy Membership Sec:
  • If you wish to upgrade from Junior Academy membership to an ‘U18 Membership’ category please email the relevant senior Mens / Ladies Membership Secretary above.

If you wish to take up one of the SPECIAL OFFERS, please also contact the relevant membership secretary at this time giving details.

You can see your current membership category by logging into your account and looking at MY PROFILE.

Step 3 – Payment for Membership

This is the final step – payment!  

You will need to log into the Membership area using your password and then go to ‘My Account / Account Setting / Edit Settings’.  You need to select your preferences, including whether you wish to pay in instalments (this is not allowed for Junior Academy and Training & Social members where you need to pay in one instalment).  

Your payment options are as follows:    

1. Select the Go-Cardless Monthly instalments option.  

2. Select Go-Cardless payment for a one-off payment (you can also do this at Make a Payment).

3. BACS Transfer.  Pay the membership fee in a single BACS transfer before 31 Oct to the Team Bath Buccaneers Account at: S/C 40-09-19 A/C 41700537.  PLEASE QUOTE YOUR CLUBBUZZ MEMBERSHIP NUMBER AND NAME (FOR JUNIORS PLEASE STATE THE NAME AND SURNAME OF THE CHILD).  This method incurs no fees for the Club.

Key things to note:

1. A payment mechanism must be set up for you to play for the Club, and this must be done before 25 September each year – this means youve set up a payment instruction.  Note: the money only comes out of your account each month starting end October.  

2. If you set up your payment after 31 Oct of the year, you will be charged at a higher membership rate.

3. If you havent set up payment by 30 November each year, you will become ineligible for selection.


4 – Viewing your Account

The applicable subscription rate for your membership category will be allocated to your account and a new statement produced on the 15th of every month.  This will show how much is owed, how much has been allocated as paid and what payments are still outstanding. The statements can be viewed within ‘My Profile’ of the members’ area once you have logged into your account. 

If you have any query at any time please contact the appropriate Membership Secretary.