Information for Members

All members of the Club must have paid their Membership fees in one instalment or set up a direct debit by 31 Oct by following this guidance: 

Team Managers will run a report of all Team Members on 15 Nov for Students to check that payment has been made of a direct debit has been set up.  Anyone who has not done so will be advised to resolve this and, if action is still not taken, then they may be stood down from selection.

Actions for Team Managers / Captains

To assess whether a member of your Squad has paid, you need to run the following simple reports:

1. Go to Manage Club / Reports / Member Reports and then select the ‘Registration Status’ tab report and the relevant Gender, Sport and Team Name for your team.

When you run this report, it will tell you any of your team members who are ‘lapsed’ members.  These players have not registered or paid and therefore should be invited to do so immediately or be disbarred from playing.

2. There will however be players who have registered but have not paid and these players will not be picked up by the report above.  So you now need to run a second report called ‘Aged Debtors’.  This time you go to ‘Financial Reports’ and select ‘Aged Debtors’ and the selecting the appropriate Gender, Sport and Team.

When you run this report, it will tell you which of your registered members have an outstanding debt, when they last paid and how much this was.  From this you will be able to tell if any of your registered players has not got a direct debit set up or has ceased paying their membership fees.

Where you have people who are highlighted in either of the reports above, or any questions about them please raise this with the Membership Secretary and Michelle Burton from the Treasurer team: [email protected]

If any of your players do not agree to pay, please also raise this early with the relevant Club Captain or Director of Hockey so that action can be taken.

Thank you for your support!