Team Bath Buccaneers has a 5 year development plan that is available on the Members section of the website.  Its key principles are:

1.   One Club.  TBBHC has a One Club philosophy, meaning that this Club with a very diverse membership is greater than the sum of its parts.  So whether you are a High Performance or Club player, male or female, Senior, Student or Junior, you have a vital part to play in the success of the Club.  We are stronger together.

2.   Ambition.  TBBHC is an ambitious Club.  We are one of the top 30 Clubs in England and Wales and one of the most successful in the West of England.  Ultimately, we want to be one of the very best Clubs in the country.  We are aiming high.

3.   Partnerships.  The Club recognises partnerships are key to achieving its ambitions.  TBBHC will work with its major partner, the University of Bath, as well as England Hockey, the West Leagues, Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) and local schools and companies to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.  

4.   Trying to Be Better.  Whether as a Club or as individual player, coaches and officals, we are always striving to improve.  TBBHC wants to create a positive learning environment for its players to improve as well as be open to new ideas and technologies in the running o the Club.  We will benchmark ourselves against other Clubs and Sports, in the UK and abroad.

5.  Having Fun.  Ultimately, playing hockey is about enjoying the buzz and spirit of this great game in competitive but fun environment.  The Club will promote the playing of hockey in a spirit of enjoyment and respect, but with style and competitive focus.