First Aid

All teams and coaching groups should hold a First Aid kit for the administration of first aid to injured players.  For more serious injuries, medical assistance should be sought and the STV Reception informed where the Duty personnel can allow ambulance access to the pitches.  

The STV also holds a defibrillator, which all managers, coaches and team members should be made aware of.

Players who have received head or neck injuries should not be left alone.

Blunt Force Trauma and Concussion

If you or another player suffers a blunt force trauma, it is vital to seek immediate medical advice.  Particular care should be taken with blunt force trauma injuries (stick / ball) to the head and neck area and medical advice always sought.  For guidance and protocols on returning to playing sport after a concussion injury please go to:

Risk Assessments

Coaches should undertake risk assessments for their coaching sessions.  Templates and examples are held on the Coaching section of the website in the Members Area.