Welcome to the Sports Training Village to our visiting teams.  This section contains information about match day.


Car Parking T&Cs are as follows:

  • Saturday 8am – 5pm: £2 for the whole day Drivers can park in either Pay & Display or permit holder areas.
  • Sunday/bank holiday: no charge.  Drivers can park in either Pay & Display or permit holder areas free of charge.


Access to the STV is on a turnstile and pass system.  For visiting teams, just identify yourself to the reception desk and they will click you through.

Changing facilities are on the lower ground level with access pitch side.  A list of which team is allocated to which changing room is placed by the entrance to the 2 changing room corridors.


We are very fortunate to have been able to negotiate after match hospitality from the University caterers during the pandemic. In line with Covid-19 regulations we will be adopting the following procedures:

  • After the game has ended players exit the STV and turn right and walk up to the Lime Tree Marquee located between the Chancellors Building and the Lime Tree Cafe
  • Players enter the Lime Tree Marquee and find a table of 6. No more than 6 people on a table.
  • Vouchers to be used by players and officials only. They are valid for the match day only
  • One player from the 6 will collect vouchers from the home team manager/captain
  • One player takes the vouchers into the Lime Tree and food will be ordered from the Bar only. Do not order food from the Kiosk as you will be charged!
  • Currently only Pizza Margarita can be served but extending the menu in the coming weeks. This is under discussion
  • Collect the food when the order numbers appear on the wall
  • Take the pizzas to the table
  • Enjoy!
  • Spare vouchers to be returned to the home Capt to be scrapped

General Points

  • Face masks must be worn in the Lime Tree Building at all times. You do not have to wear a face mask in the Lime Tree Marquee
  • No more than 6 on a table –  this will be enforced so please don’t break this rule
  • Please don’t move from table to table
  • Please use the sanitisers available at the entrance to all buildings and the marquee
  • While waiting for the food to be prepared please keep a distance of 2 metres from anyone else in the room
  • No alcohol sales are allowed at this moment in time from the Lime Tree.
  • There is a full range of tea/coffee/cold drinks on sale in and around the Lime Tree
  • Alcohol can be consumed in the marquee under the University of Bath licence!
  • When departing the marquee please make sure the table is left clean and tidy
  • The table will be sanitised after you have finished using it so please flip over the sign to say ‘clean me’.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards

Ian Cordwell

Hockey Development Manager