Team Bath Buccaneers HC uses the ClubBuzz accounting system to help collect Membershp fees.  To set up your membership payment, go to ‘My Account’ at

OPTION 1.  Pay by 6 x Monthly Direct Debit payments (Gocardless) – Senior, Student, U18 and Life Members

The simplest way to pay is by setting up a direct debit with Gocardless where you will pay for your membership in 6 x monthly instalments from end Oct through to end March.  This is available to all membership categories except Junior Academy and Training & Social where we dont offer payment by instalment.  

Go to then click on ‘Account Settings’, ‘Edit Settings’ and tick the ‘Pay subs monthly when possible’ box.  Then press the green ‘Set up Direct Debit’ button and fill in the associated Direct Debit form.  Then you’re done – its quick and easy, but you need to take both actions.      

If you are paying by this option, you must set this up by NLT 1 Oct in order for the first instalment to be processes by the end of Oct.  You will receive your first statement of account on the 15 Oct and then on the 15th of every month thereafter.  Your Account will show all payments you have made and any that are due over a 12 month period so you can stay in the picture about what youve paid and still owe each year.

OPTION 2.  Pay a 1 x annual Direct Debit (Gocardless) – Juniors and Training & Social Members or anyone else wishing to pay this way

If you are paying for Junior Academy or Training & Social membership you can pay a single instalment from your account using Gocardless. Go to then click on ‘Account Settings’, ‘Edit Settings’ and press ‘Set up a Direct Debit’ and fill in the DD form.  This means the payment will come out of your account at the end of the month that your first statement is issued (15 Aug for Juniors and 15 Sep for Training & Social).  

Alternatively, if you dont wish to set up a single automatic Direct Debit payment, just wait for your first statement of the season to be issued then log in and click on the yellow ‘Gocardless’ payment button to make a one off manual payment.  

All other members can also pay this way if they wish to and Students should note that if they pay in a single instalment before 31 Oct they will receive a 10% refund on their membership fee once they have made full payment.  They should contact Michelle Burton on [email protected] to claim this once they have paid.

OPTION 3.  BACS Payment.

Students and Junior Academy members can also pay by BACS transfer.

If you do need to pay by BACS, then you need to contact pay your membership fee in a single BACS transfer before 31 Oct annually to the Team Bath Buccaneers Account at: S/C 40-09-19 A/C 41700537.  


Specific Payments (Paylinks)

Finally, you can pay for certain things by following the links below:

     –  Winter League Match Fee (Adults) – Match Fee £10 (single payment)*

     –  Winter League Match Fee (Juniors) – Match Fee £6 (single payment)*

     –  Summer League Bundle (Senior/Junior) – Summer Lge Bundle £35 (single payment)

     –  Summer League Match Fee (Senior / Junior) – Match Fee £5 (single payment)

     –  Royce Clinic Membership – Royce Clinic £22 (single payment)

* One-off Match Fees are only authorised in specific circumstances by the Membership Secretary for Mens and Ladies Club members.  It is normally excpected that players will come under a formal Membership Category.