The new England / GB Hockey Coaching Pathway information was launched on 31 March 2015.  The new philosophy is based on the ‘The Golden Thread’ which includes the following principles:

  • Fun
  • Looks like the game
  • Stretching
  • Decision Rich
  • Lots of touches
  • Questioning coaching style

Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on ‘technical shaping’ and skills development in a game-based context.  TBBHC strongly supports this approach as a means of up-skilling our young players.

For more background on the changes go to GB Coaching Principles and EH Single System – Talent Development or find out more by taking a look at this short video:



England Hockey Coaching Homepage: EH Coaching Homepage

A full list of the new Courses available can be found here: EH Online Course Booking System or click on the relevant links here:

Coaching Club Programme – 3 hr themed workshops, great intro or bolt-on

Introduction to Hockey Coaching – 6 hr course, also great introduction

UKCC England Hockey Sessional Coach – 2 day course, perfect for lead coaches

UKCC England Hockey Coach – 3 day course, next level up, more advanced coaching

Please note that the Club will pay for the full cost of Coaching Club workshops and Introduction to Hockey Course, and 75% of the cost of the Sessional and England Coach courses.  This is providing there is a commitment to use the qualification to the benefit of training and coaching in the Club for the following season.  Contact the Director of Hockey via [email protected]

If you wish to apply for a Course, the application form is a link:

Coaching Application

The following FAQs section is extremely useful, especially for those with current L1-4 qualifications which will remain valid – but there is good advice here on options for what else you could do.  This is a useful section for anyone considering what courses they should undertake.

Frequently Asked Questions


For information on the new EH Coaching Membership Scheme, which includes insurance for coaches, go to: EH Coaching Membership

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If you have any questions not covered in the website information please

email [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>


A list of Safeguarding and Time to Listen courses is here: Safeguarding Courses