You can find the following key Club documents at the links.  If you cant find what you are looking for here, or the document listed below is not up to date, then you can also check the relevant section of the website where you will find these documents as well.  For example, lists of Managers and Coaches are under the Senior and Junior Managers tabs in the Members section of the website; and the Club Training Programme is under About the Club / Training Programme. 

1.   TBBHC Constitution

2.   Club Code of Conduct

3.   Club Disciplinary Code

4.   Terms and Conditions_2107

5.   Club Selection Policy

6.   Club Player Pathway

7.   Director of Hockey Responsibilities and Annual Tasks

8.   Clubbuzz Website Guide

9.  TBB Membership Guide and Terms and Conditions.

10.  Membership Renewal Instructions

11.  List of Honorary Members

12.  Coaching Claim Form

13.  Club Priority Diary

14.  Club Social Media Policy

For Committee members, you can find the Bath Buccaneers Master Document storage at:

The Password is held by [email protected]