Mileage Claims

TBB HC will reimburse designated drivers for reasonable expenses for away fixtures.

The emphasis is on the driver/member to make a claim which will need to be submitted on the approved Mileage Claim Form to the relevant Team Captain/Manager for authorisation.

Claims can be made in Dec (payment in Jan) and Apr (payment in May)

Team Captains/Managers will authorise the claim form and forward to Business Control for reimbursement.  The form includes bank details for payments.

The Mileage Claim form includes a standardised mileage for each venue in a background sheet.  This should be used for calculating mileage for different venues. All trips will be based on a return trip to the University of Bath.

The agreed mileage rate will be 17.5 p per mile

The Mileage Recording and Claim form can be accessed using the link below


Team Captains/Managers are responsible for ensuring that transport to matches is undertaken through the minimum number of cars necessary and for coordinating drivers.  Max 5 cars.

Drivers should keep a record of their mileage using the form provided.

Team Captains/Managers should record drivers as part of the ‘Match Stats’ recording feature on Teamo.