Club Development Plan

Team Bath Buccaneers has a Club Development Plan which sets out how the Club intends to develop over the next 4 to 5 years and beyond.  As an ambitious and aspiring Club, our Development Plan is also ambititous and we would like all of our Members to contribute their support and ideas to moving us forward as a Club.  A summary of the key points in the plan is provided below and you can read the full Club Development Plan here:

Key Principles:

(1) One Club.  TBBHC has a One Club philosophy, meaning that the Club is greater than the sum of its parts with the diversity of our being membership a strength.  So whether you are a Performance or Club player, male or female, Senior, Student or Junior, you have a vital part to play in the success of the Club.  

(2) Ambition.  TBBHC is a progressive and ambitious Club.  We are one of the top 30 Clubs in England and Wales and one of the most successful in the West of England.  Ultimately, we want to be one of the very best Clubs in the country and potentially in Europe.  We are aiming high.

(3) Partnerships.  TBBHC is a Club that recognises partnerships as key to success.  The Club will work with its major partner, the University of Bath, as well as England Hockey, Sport England, the West Leagues, Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) and local schools to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

(4) Striving to Improve.  As a Club and as individuals, we are always striving to improve.  This takes many forms, including improving coaching and development, technical and mental skills and creating positive environment where players and coaches are capable and comfortable with encouraging learning and development.

(5) Benchmarking.  TBBHC is a Club that wants to learn from others as well as trading in its own ideas.  This can happen through its participation in the England Hockey Clubs Strategy, via relationships with other Clubs in the UK and abroad, and through exploiting online resources and learning.  There is a world of ideas out there that we want to tap into.

(6) Having Fun.  At its heart, playing hockey should be fun.  TBBHC is a Club that wants to play hockey in a spirit of enjoyment and respect, but with style and competitive focus.   

Key Actions.

(1) Performance.  We will promote targets for our Performance Squads that underpin our goals as an ambitious Club.  We will strive to secure National Premier League status for our Mens 1st XI, National League for Ladies 1st XIs, National success in Senior and Junior Cup Competitions and a healthy supporting team structure underpinning this.

(2) Club Events.  We will run more hockey events, both competitive and social, which include players from across the Club to promote our One Club approach and to generate cohesion and learning.

(3) Relationships.  We will prioritise our relationships with the University of Bath, England Hockey, the local Council and local schools.  We will look to formalise new relationships with Clubs in England and Holland.

(4) Membership.  We will continue to offer competitive and flexible membership options catering for Club, Student and Junior players that encourage increased participation.

(5) Marketing and Finance.  We will continue to develop a firm financial base for the Club, and seek opportunities in marketing and sponsorship to bring increased income into the Club and to offer our sponsors genuine commercial value.

(6) Coaching and Development.  We will increase the number and quality of coaches across the Club at Senior and Junior levels and introduce an improved incentive scheme for coaches.  We will also introduce schemes to increase the number of umpires. We will introduce a common Coaching Framework that underpins the TBBHC approach to the game.  We will also encourage Junior talent through into the Senior Club as well supporting those players who are interested in joining the England Hockey Junior Player Pathway.

(7) Online Resources.  We will exploit our Club Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube sites to run the Club effectively, engage our members, recruit new members and promote our Club.  We will also develop online coaching and development resources as a way to improve learning and development. 

(8) Facilities.  We will work with the University of Bath to develop playing, spectator and Club facilities in line with England Hockey standards, and to enhance the spectator experience.  This in turn will attract more supporters and families to the University and support our One Club approach. 

England Hockey Club Engagement Strategy

England Hockey (EH) has a Club Engagement Strategy and Team Bath Buccaneers, as one of the 30 biggest Clubs in the Country (more than 500 members) is part of the engagement programme.  EH have 7 themes that they are developing which are based on the survery undertaken by EH with Club members across the Country.  TBBHC was one of the Clubs where a large number of members participated in the 2014 surveys and is closely involved in the Programme.

The key principles are:

1.   Leadership.

2.   Facilities.

3.   People.

4.   Ways to Play.

5.   Sociable.

6.   Local.

7.   Stretching.