To Sponsor or not to Sponsor?

Sports Sponsorship is an enormous business and no team or sportsman seems to be complete without a sponsor of some kind. Not only this but businesses are now being judged by customers on their sponsorship profile and their overall impact on society and the environment. It is important therefore for a business to get the right profile of Sponsorship, involved with the right sport in the right way and hockey offers an opportunity to get involved with a growing, youth oriented sport that has a growing profile and key involvement in the Olympic Games 

Hockey in the UK

Hockey is a major sport at every Olympics. It is a clean, disciplined, fast and skilful game, popular with men, women and juniors. It is played across the world and in the UK is growing with over over 120,000 players and 3,000 clubs in the UK, with national coverage including new extensive TV coverage on BT Sport

Team Bath Buccaneers Profile

Team Bath Buccaneers is the West’s largest and most successful club and is partnered with the University of Bath Sports Development Department and the University of Bath Hockey Club with world class facilities that regularly hosts many high profile sports events and training camps for many national governing bodies.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a range of different sponsorship packages to suit different budgets and audiences. If you are intersted please contact our Club Administrator, Jo McDermid