Welcome to your Committee.  These are the people voted by the Club’s members each year at the Annual General Meeting to run the Club.  Feel free to get in touch with any of them on any matter.


Jo Carter

Executive Committee Members

Nick Kendall, Chair

George Conner, Vice President

Martyn Garrod, Club Secretary

Richard Starkey, Director of Finance

Ian Cordwell, Director of Performance Hockey

Director of Junior Academy

Keith Walters, Director of Club Hockey

Martin Pellow, Men’s Club Captain

Kelz Bowden, Ladies Club Captain

Heber Ackland, Director of Development and Webmaster

Sarah Cottle, Commercial Manager

Social and Fundraising Chair

Director of Marketing and Publicity

Rachael Webb, Welfare Officer

Jo McDermid, Club Administrator

Peter Jackson, Member Representative

Chris Jones, Player Representative

Adam Sandey, Player Representative

Chris Whitty, Player Representative

Wendy Smith, Player Representative

Helen McAloon, Player Representative

Erik Biggs, Student Representative

Hockey Committee Members

Men’s Club CaptainMarty Pellow
Ladies Club CaptainKelz Bowden
Director of Performance HockeyIan Cordwell
Director of Club HockeyKeith Walters
Ladies Match & Fixture SecretaryEmelia Sowells
Men’s match & fixture secretaryNick Kendall
Pitch SecretaryNick Kendall
Membership SecretaryJo McDermid
Umpires Development ManagerSteve Clarke
Umpires AppointmentNick Kendall
League Liaison OfficerJo McDermid
Men’s / Ladies Captains / ManagersTo be appointed nearer season start*
There are always important roles that need filling so if you would like to be considered for a role, please get in touch via the Club Secretary


The Executive Committee (for Club Matters) – chaired by the Chairman

The Hockey Committee (for onfield matters) – chaired by the Director of Hockey

The Discplinary Committee – chaired by the Director of Hockey or appointed ember of the Executive Committee

Honorary Members