With an average age of 21.9 years, with a few older players, driving up the age of experience and Hugh Page making his debut at National level, credit is due to a much improved performance on last week.

Technically good in the first quarter saw TBB open up Canterbury’s defensive formations continually into quadrants.  Tim Nurse was sublime when in 10′, his take outside the 23m to drive forward and hit a bullet of a reverse shot from the top left of the ‘D’ to give Bath a 1-0 lead.

Bath could have doubled their first half advantage in the 11′ when a similar cross field ball saw Stone’s looped attempted on goal volleyed of the line.

Canterbury took their advantages in the second quarter. Loss of control in midfield on Bath poor first touch on a different pitch. Giving too much opportunity. They were rightfully and duly rewarded on lackness when TBB conceded an equaliser in the 24′. Soft as it was on a rare Canterbury circle entry, they managed a reverse scoop goal which should have been denied.

That said, TBB, regrouped, played to offensive streaks, more of which they need and with greater expansive width. They went 2-1 ahead with a powerful PC from Scott Rawlings. For the uninitiated. Do not attempt to defend his drag flicks.

The second half became more defensive with a few attacking executions, peppering on the Canterbury Goalkeeper. But for his double saves and his defensive performance and double saves, the score line would have been more advantageous in TBB favour.

Bath must take credit for the final quarter in calmness of controlling possession. A lesson to be learned by all teams. Tim Nurse must take credit for his 3 D skilled skills in confined spaces, more resonant to left hand hurling in Croke Park, Dublin. Maybe a skill all hockey players should learn.

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