Please ensure once you have registered for club that the TEAMO app is downloaded from website home page:

We will be using TEAMO for all senior and junior (guardians can also join) availability and squad selection. Please note you

cannot be selected for senior league games unless registered and payment set up on website.

DRAFT squad allocations are underway as we need to get availability in asap.

You maybe attached to more than one squad, especially in the club section (3s-6s teams) due to expected player movement once 1s/2s trials and University pre-season is complete prior to the first league game on 21/9. Please bear with us during the season start, and expect player movement – the squad/s allocated to you now may change as the season progresses.

Once attached to a team you can select available or unavailable, (when selected for a match please hit the thumbs up button to confirm). At minimum complete availability for all assigned squads up to and including league break wkend of 26th October.

We trialled TEAMO during summer league and it worked well – but please expect a few teething problems as people ‘get their heads around it’! You can sort travel arrangements and last minute Nando / Costa orders (mention no names here but a new awards dinner category needs sorting!) on the chat bit.

Coaches will be able to give feedback on squad selection once league matches are underway.

Thanks for your understanding and patience whilst we sort players old, new and emerging juniors!

cheers Philly

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