It’s been a great end to the junior season.  For pictures of the U8s & U9s please click here

Our U14 girls ‘Eagles’ won the Avon League shield today.    Absolutely great effort by all 16 players and squad throughout the year.

Great effort today and superb performance by the team.  Congratulations and thanks to all coaches, managers and umpires

In the final Fidelius Junior Cup and Plate Tournaments at the University the results were as follows:

U8 Cup competition – TBB 1st

U9 Cup competition – TBB 2nd

U9 Plate Competition -TBB Brigands 1st

U9 Plate Competition – TBB Admirals 4th

U12 Junior Boys/Mixed Plate – TBB Admirals 1st

U12 Junior Boys Cup – TBB 3rd

U12 Junior Girls Cup – TBB 2nd

U12 Junior Girls Plate – TBB Admirals 5th

Congratulations to all players, coaches and managers.  Thank you to all the umpires and a final huge thank you to Nick Kendall for organising and running the day.


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