200 Club Flyer

Have a look at the info below about the TBBHC 200 Club and how you can make sure you’re in with a chance to win cash prizes throughout the year!

200 Club

1.    What is the 200 Club?

It is a lottery of up to 200 numbers, for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and Christmas draws, which will raise much-needed funds for Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club (TBBHC). It only costs £2 a month and there are lots of cash prizes to win!


2.    What do I have to do?

Simply email [email protected] with your name and whether you would like to pay by standing order (£2 a month) or cheque (£24 to cover full year).


3.    What will happen once I email?

You will be emailed back with the payment details and your 200 club number you will be allocated. You will be entered for the draws once we have received your first monthly payment or cheque, so remember to contact your bank to set up the standing order or to write and send the cheque.


4.    What are the prizes?

12 monthly draws of £18

4 quarterly draws of £40

2 bi-annual draws of £60

1 Christmas draw of £80


5.    Where and how will be prizes be drawn?

The draws are made at the end of each month and the winners are emailed and also published on the TBBHC website.


6.    How will I receive my prize?

When you are sent your winner email, you will be asked to provide your bank account details to our accountants so they can transfer your winnings directly to your bank. Simple!


7.    What do I do if I want to cancel my membership?

Notify your bank that you wish to cancel your standing order and email [email protected] to let us know.

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