home playing kit


The new Club playing strip made by TK has arrived in John Moore Sports.

Look the part and order your new shirts now at £28 for the Home Shirt (Blue) and £25 for the Away Shirt (White).  You can also order the new shorts, socks, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms etc.

Numbers 1-22 are reserved for the Mens 1st XI and another set of 1-22 for Over 35 Masters players who have no intention of troubling the 1st XI Selectors any more.  Shirt numbers 23 upwards are available to all other players on a first come first served basis so reserve your shirt number now!

Ladies numbers are allocated according to your league number. John Moore Sports hold a list of names & numbers in the shop.

If you order by early Tues, you should receive by the end of the week.

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