Date 6 November 2016
Team U18 Boys
Fixture Home
Venue Sports Training Village (Sitec)
Start time 14:45
Result L 2 - 3
Time played Normal time
Scorers Member not found, Member not found
Match Report

A huge thank you to Penny Johnes for her support in taking comprehensive match notes, on what turned out to be a cold and damp Sunday afternoon of hockey.

This EH 2nd Round Cup match was our ‘local derby’ against City of Bath, and by the nature of the U18 competition, a ‘must win’; unfortunately despite the higher percentage of possession and greater number of chances within the opposition circle, we finished 3 -2 down and therefore out of the competition.

First Half

TBB began at a controlled but furious pace, winning the first of the eight short corners for the side through excellent passing and movement off the ball, in particular between Dan Smith (CH), Matthew Simonds (CMF), James Taylor (RMF) and Dan Henly (LMF), which completely out-paced the CoB defence, and finished with a TBB sort corner – no goal.

Despite the continued pressure CoB managed to break out of defence with three strong passes which turned our mid-field and placed the backs under swift pressure; the first shot on goal was saved by Seth Thomas (GK), however the CoB CF seized on the rebound offered – Score 0 – 1.

This CoB break-away goal re-focussed the TBB intensity, which was then rewarded with another short corner; Dan Henly (LF) injected, Max Jenkins (LB) trapped and Matthew Simonds (CMF) scored with a powerful drag-flick to the left – Score 1 -1.  2mins later TBB had another short corner, only to push the ball wide of the goal.

TBB defence of Reuben Poole (CB & LB), Max Jenkins (LB & RMF), Ollie Morgan (CF & LB) and Josh Higgs (LB, LMF & RMF), together with the once again excellent Seth Thomas (GK), held strong and ‘saved’ the TBB midfield weaknesses more than once during this period of increased CoB pressure.

The half then settled with both sides pushing the ball beyond the mid-field and threatening one another’s circle, however it was CoB that struck next from their own short corner – Score 1 – 2.  There was then a period of ‘frustration’ from both sides that manifested itself in some cynical tackling and a series of body-checks that were ‘ignored’ by the umpiring pair from ASHUA, despite the ‘polite remonstrations’ from the dug-out!  TBB were eventually awarded a short corner following an excellent run down the right by Matt Naylor (RF); the CoB defender received a Yellow Card, but TBB were unable to capitalise; rather they [TBB] let down their guard and CoB managed to make two long passes, get behind our defence and score with a powerful strike from the top of the circle – Score 1 – 3.

The first half finished as it began, with a TBB short corner; no score.

Second Half

With renewed determination, TBB began the second half as swiftly as the first, increasing the pressure on the CoB defence, who played extremely well to keep the attacking forces of Alfie Brooks (LF & LMF), Kynon Griffith-McCann (CF), Gabriel Toomey (RF & LF), Dan Smith (CH), Matt Naylor (RF), Ollie Morgan (CF & RB), William Strutt (RMF), Jack Bunn (LF, LMF & CH), Josh Higgs (RB, LMF & RMF) and James Taylor (RMF, LMF & CF) away from the goal with very few ‘real’ chances of a TBB score.

Mid-way through the half, TBB were awarded another short corner following a 50yd individual effort from Matthew Simonds (CMF & CB) that was abruptly stopped with a CoB body-check at the top of the circle; despite the short corner no card was given!  The drag-flick was brilliantly saved by the CoB GK – who was certainly their best performer on the day, despite this being his first game!

With time running out TBB stepped up their game and played the best hockey so far this season and were rewarded following some excellent decision making from Max Jenkins (LB & RMF) when he switched the play across the field to a fast moving Josh Higgs (RB, LMF & RMF) who powered into the circle and set Max up for a clean shot at goal, having made the 20yd run to the P-Spot – Score 2 – 3, and TBB tails were up!

The final 15mins of the game was all about TBB pressure and CoB steadfast defence; despite further body-checks by CoB within the circle, no penalties were awarded and TBB were unable to capitalise on their possession, spending the final 10mins camped within the CoB 24yd line.

There was some excellent hockey played by both sides during this match, however the CoB determination out-manoeuvred our own and resulted in this abrupt end to our 2016 cup campaign.

Thank you to all the players, and parents for their continued support and commitment to the TBB U18 Boys, and following our post-match discussion, we shall maintain our training and development each Friday, until the end of the club season.

We now look forward to our progression in the Indoor Cup, taking place on 18 Dec 16 at Wellington School; details to follow.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Reuben Poole 18 Defender
Kynon Nathaniel Griffith-McCann 199 Forward
Jack Bunn 232 Midfielder
Dan Smith Forward