Date 4 March 2017
Team Men's E
Opposition WESTON -S-MARE
Fixture Away
Start time 14:00
Result L 3 - 6
Time played
Scorers Marcus Bowman, Harry Till, Nicholas Blake Blumsom
Match Report

With the D team giving the home team a head start of 6 goals, Buccs set about the challenge of overturning the difference in the second half. 

The challenge was well met: Buccs blocked out nearly all play by WSM for much of the game*. It wasn't long until LOVEBITE TILL smashed home a fine goal from the glorious distance of 1 yard off the line, after CALMMEDOWN BLAKE poked a ball from underneath WSM's writhing keeper. Helped by HEARTBREAKER HERD, who kept fine shape in the middle of the park and debutant MOUNTAIN PIQUE HENLY who consistently tackled the town's biggest threat every single time, CALMMEDOWN BLAKE put some strong pressure on WSM's centre back who easily gave up the ball, leading to a fine display of training shots by CALMMEDOWN BLAKE, HEARTBREAKER HERD, and POSSIBLEKIWI JOUBERT before IMSAMREALLY BOWMAN eventually showed everyone how to score a goal. 2-0 so far, and so good. This run of success resulted in WSM throwing everything at Buccs as MOTIVATOR PELLOW, BRINGITON BARRY and CALMMEDOWN BLAKE put their bodies on the line to deny WSM a single yard. Going in to the closing minutes of the game, Buccs continued to box WSM in their own half. The final whistle saw Buccs lining up for a short, and in a demonstration of total efficient hockey, FROOMEKNEE SANDEY set up CALMMEDOWN BLAKE to strike the ball through the keeper's legs and into 3-0 history and glory. 

*There was a first half to this game, but frankly, it was very uninteresting unless you enjoy assessing umpire decision making and some errant passing. Apparently BIGARMS NEWMAN made a fine technical save at some point, drawing the applause of the locals, but no one of note remembers. 

MotM - Debutant MOUNTAIN PIQUE HENLY for playing with a cool head and fine skill in challenging circumstances. 

DotD - CALMMEDOWN BLAKE for not being sent off despite actually committing a horrendous full body foul.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Adam Newman 1 Goalkeeper
Damian Barry 2 Midfielder
Richard Peden 5 Midfielder
Mike Hill 20 Defender
Martin Pellow 23 Defender
Sam Reeves 37 Forward
Nicholas Blake Blumsom 70 Midfielder 1 1
Calen Joubert 71 Midfielder
Adam Sandey 89 Midfielder
Marcus Bowman 110 Forward 1
Tom Henly 177 Midfielder
Benjamin Jenkins 197 Midfielder
Harry Till 214 Midfielder 1