Date 18 February 2017
Team Men's E
Fixture Home
Venue Sports Training Village (Sitec)
Start time 12:30
Result W 3 - 1
Time played
Scorers Sam Reeves, Richard Warwick, Adam Sandey
Match Report

TBB D's were hosting Westbury and United Banks B's in a top end of the table clash. Buccs were looking to make up space on the league leaders and consolidate their position of 2nd in the league, with Westbury looking to claw the boys back into their grasp of 4th place. At push back both teams were slightly put out by the significant increase in temperature to a dizzying 12 degrees celsius, with the pitch also slightly dry and sticky as a result. 

The match started slightly cagily with neither team really working to their full strengths, but the match would soon rev up with Sam Reeves opening the scoring. Committing the opposition 'keeper with a purposeful drive to the left of the goal, Reeves took his aim and fired in an unstoppable reverse from what looked to be an impossible angle. Bath had to weather a beaufort force 10-11 (55 to 73mph windspeed) storm after the goal as Westbury responded with some pressure that did eventually tell when, somehow, the bath back 3 were breached.

The excellent George Herd, who was feeling rougher than some P12 grit sandpaper, had to briefly excuse himself to regather his thoughts following the westbury goal. He quickly returned when he realised how much the team were struggling without his commanding presence at the back. I think Rich Warick played in this half but I'm not sure if he actually contributed much. HT 1-1.

The second half started with the same electric pace as the first with Bath again taking an early lead when Warwick fired home. The real story of the 2nd half is the heroic defence from Bath's very own 'Three Musketeers' of Hill, Herd and Pellow across the back line. Time and again the wave of Westbury crashed against the rocks of the rearguard, but aside from a series of short corners they were giving nothing else away today. Despite UB turning the screw for almost the entierity of the 2nd half Bath held firm. As the clock dwindled down the belief in the Buccs camp grew and aside from a foolish and unnecessary green card for Warick all seemed to be going well. As the game reached it's final stages a TBB short was won and, despite Herd inexplicably being sent back to defense, Adam Sandey drilled the ball into the bottom left corner for the goal. Full time 3-1 to the buccanneers.

Man of the match: Harry Till for excellent work on the left flank and great overall contribution.
DoD: George Herd for being ill.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Adam Newman 1 Goalkeeper
Richard Peden 5 Midfielder
Anthony Locke 6 Midfielder
Mike Hill 20 Defender
Martin Pellow 23 Defender
Richard Warwick 28 Midfielder 1 Green
Sam Reeves 37 Forward 1
Nicholas Blake Blumsom 70 Midfielder
Calen Joubert 71 Utility
Adam Sandey 89 Midfielder 1
Marcus Bowman 110 Forward
Benjamin Jenkins 197 Midfielder
Harry Till 214 Midfielder
James Parish Forward
Tim Clarke Defender