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At Team Bath Buccaneers, we believe in playing hockey in the right way  which is why our motto is 'Fast, Fearless and Fun'.  This applies both on and off the pitch and in the way we look after each other, our guests and supporters.  

TBBHC Players & Supporters Code

1.   Pride.  We are proud to wear the Team Bath Buccaneers colours, always strive to do our best for our Team and show the Club in the right light.  Our reputation matters.

2.   Respect.  We have respect for the officials, the opposition, the sport and the facilities of our partner the University of Bath.  We dont abuse or swear at officials, the opposition or teamates, or show dissent even if we dont agree with a decision.  When we are spectating, we respect the opposition for their efforts. 

3.   Sticking together.  We are team players who support each other.  We keep communication positive during matches and support teammates who are having a difficult game.  We stick together!

4.   Sportsmanship.  We are good sports men and women who accept success and failure, victory and defeat, with dignity.  We set a positive example for others, especially young players and spectators, and share a drink and a chat with the opposition after the game whatever the result.

5.   Training Hard Playing Easy.  We are committed to training and improving your game, individually and collectively.  We are open to constructive feedback from Coaches, Captains and each other. 

6.   Having Fun.  Above all things, we have fun and enjoy playing hockey!  


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Nick Kendall

Chair, Mens Fixture Secretary, Pitch Secretary, Mens Leagues Liaison Secretary

Janet Gubbin

Vice Chair

Richard Starkey


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